Secure (Encrypted) Features and Systems Support


Every device manufacture supports different codecs and methods for secure calling, often also referred to as encrypted calling. We officially support 3 common types on Voice Platform, 2 common types on Meetings.

Additionally, we secure our carrier traffic to Telnyx and our various carrier partners like Twilio, Flowroute, Onvoy, and others. They support different methods too, and we're happy to provide their documentation as requested.


For Voice Platform, we recommend ZRTP has this is most commonly supported. It encrypts the call audio from the device to our Data Centers. We also support TLS and SRTP, however they are dependent on compatible hardware.

To manage these features, navigate to Voice Platform, Call Flows, Devices, and then Advanced. Under the Audio tab you can manage this here or by contacting us.

Remember, once a call is connected on the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) we can only maintain the encryption between us and our carriers. PSTN is how all other phone companies interoperate, and Carrier to Carrier encryption is not always guaranteed to all carriers.


For Meetings, both FREE and Private, we SSL all connections to us and offer End-to-End (E2E) Encryption via web or our Mobile Apps. To enable E2E, click the settings icon in an active meeting.

Remember, all meetings are anonymous, so when you leave a meeting your settings are deleted.


For Messages, all connections from us and to our Apps are encrypted with TLS 1.2 SSL certificates. This ensures that information between us stays encrypted.