Voice Platform - Callflows - Creating Users


This guide will show you have to create users in the Callflows App of Platform Advanced.

  1. Login to Platform Advanced (http://manage.hostedphone.co/)

  2. Once logged in, locate the Apps at the top right of the page

  3. In the Apps menu, select the Callflows app.

  4. From the Callflow dashboard, Select User

  5. Press +Add to begin creating a new user

  6. In the User configuration page, fill out the details

    • Username: (Hosted Platform login)

    • First Name:

    • Last Name:

    • Email: (This will be needed for Voicemail to Email notifications)

    • User privilege level: (Administrator or User)

    • Email Notifications (Check to send VM or Faxes notifications to email)

    • Assign Caller ID

  7. Then Click the green Save button, and the user will be created.

Now you can begin assigning devices, voicemail boxes, and Callflows to your new user!