How to Transfer a Phone Number


Porting a phone number is the process for bringing a phone number from a different phone company to us. This process is very simple, and can take 1 to 2 weeks, due to the manual process required by non-mobile phone companies.

To port a number to us, we require a Proof of Ownership (POO) and Letter of Authorization (LOA), which will be required by your old phone company as well.

Proof of Ownership: This is copy of your most recent bill phone from your old phone company, or a CSR (Customer Service Record) if you have a business account. You can email these documents to or by fax at 949-272-5548.

Letter of Authorization: This is a document that gives us permission by you, to port your phone number. You can fill out this very simple document electronically at by submitted a manual form here.

If you are an existing customer, you can still port a number to us at no cost. Contact customer support to request this.

Hosted Phone customers can also port phone numbers to us after their initial ordering. Contact your Account Manager or customer support to set this up. Extra phone numbers may be free with your billing plan, or $3 each for extra numbers above your included free numbers.